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Geek Eats! was never meant to be a nerdy cooking show. Instead, it was meant to be called A Golden Bowl of Awesome, it was a snapshot of chefs across London explaining their journey to their current place of running their kitchens. We did a test episode/ pilot and hadn’t even gotten a quarter the way through the edit, realised it was boring as all hell and scrapped it there and then.

Being a bit pissed off, we had wasted our time with it we took a break and came back to the drawing table a month or so later to a make a cooking show that represented us instead of us trying to represent cooking.

Our love of comics and all things on the geeky spectrum had to come into it in some form or another, along with the idea that what we cooked had to be entertaining the ideas for Geek Eats! started to form. Could a youtube channel about cooking cuisine from comic books be a viable form of entertainment? We have no idea, and that’s for you to work out.

Paul & Charlie